LHC’s Asset Management team uses its vast experience to assist owners, lenders and investors in maximizing the value of each asset.  Our experienced team has worked with virtually every type of hotel and brand in the world, from small 50 room limited service hotels, to 1,600 room major resort projects in foreign countries. We are uniquely qualified to generate new revenue and cost savings to increase your bottom line.


To give you an idea of how we use a "hands on" asset managed approach, below is a brief overview of our detailed services through this program:


  • Monthly detailed P/L conferences with the executive committee and senior management for the hotel, reviewing both the operational P/L and end-of-month sales report from an owner's perspective.
  • Accountability from the property and management company responsible for both top- and bottom-line performance.
  • Quarterly reviews on-site to inspect the ongoing condition and service levels at the hotel.
  • Analysis and development of capital plans from an owner’s perspective to determine whether each capital expenditure will deliver an acceptable rate of return.
  • Successful negotiation of franchise agreements and brand waivers from hotel brands when initial standards do not deliver an acceptable return.
  • Prime positioning of properties for sale, with maximum return on investment.


The entire focus of our Asset Management program is to ensure that all expenditures boost the value of your hotel through increased operating results or enterprise value, or through elimination of expenditures.

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