Since 1996, Leslie Hospitality has been providing advisory services to hotel owners, management firms and lenders. Our experience through many economic cycles has provided us the ability to effectively navigate today’s opportunities and challenges. Our veteran consultants offer a unique combination of experience in hotel operations, transactional work, due diligence, and ownership, which has afforded us a thorough and hands-on understanding of the hotel business.


Working within the hotel industry all day, every day, we are well versed on the latest developments within the marketplace. This knowledge allows us to tailor our hotel advisory services to meet specific needs. Whether you are a hotel owner looking for ways to enhance the guest experience, a hotel buyer looking for the right opportunity, or a hotel lender looking to get out of a bad situation as painlessly as possible, we can help you.  We pride ourselves on successfully providing comprehensive hotel real estate advisory services for lenders, owners and management firms of all shapes and sizes.


Some of the services we offer include:


  • Feasibility Studies – Solidify your success strategy with diligent investigation, careful analysis, and a keen eye for critical details.
  • Buyer Representation - Find hotel investments that meet your specific needs.
  • Mystery Shopping - Measure what matters most to you by utilizing our quality-assurance services.
  • Expert Witness – Benefit from our expertise in most all areas of hotel operations, franchising, contract negotiation and real estate.



Leslie Hospitality Consulting advises our clients on the operations and financial management of their hotel. By monitoring the on-site property management through routine visits and daily oversight, we provide consistent insight into the operating performance and condition of their asset.


As market factors change you may want to examine market position, financial structure, operating policies, or the management of a hotel. Escalating remodeling costs make it even more important to maintain a hotel at its best. Without good oversight management, a client's property's condition, value, and reputation may diminish rapidly, negatively impacting cash flow as well as proceeds from an eventual sale of the asset.




LHC works hand-in-hand with clients to develop and implement realistic goals. We then optimize planning, budget and schedule to implement changes that will be necessary to operate the hotel more efficiently and maximize revenues.


We also take an active hand in improving staff productivity and reducing employee turnover.  These efforts will improve customer satisfaction levels, optimize employee morale, and reduce overall operating expenses.


By insuring that the asset is properly maintained and all capital expenditures are efficiently utilized, we will sustain and/or improve the physical condition of the property.




  • Cash Flow Maximization
  • Business Planning
  • Regular Financial Reports
  • Volume Purchasing Agreements
  • Design, Redecorating and Refurbishing
  • Sales & Marketing Strategies

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